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Imi-Nashi No More: The Quest for Meaning in Yaoi

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October 16th, 2005

03:51 am
Welcome to imi_nashi.

"Imi-Nashi No More: The Quest for Meaning in Yaoi" is the tentative title of my senior thesis paper. Here I will post anything related to my thesis, such as links to websites, quotes from articles, analyses of certain manga (which will be cut for spoilers) and general wittering on the topic of yaoi. I invite anyone to contribute their own links, quotes, analyses and witterings--I will probably even ask to put some of them in the paper, with credit of course.

As much as I like fan fiction, this is not the place for it. However, if a fanfic you are writing leads to an interesting train of thought on yaoi in general, by all means post the train of thought.

All entries will be friends-only.

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